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Non-alcoholic cider „Jaunā strāva” | 0,33 l

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A sunny and golden non-alcoholic cider. The aroma
of summer in Latvia wafts up from the glass in the
guise of crisp not quite ripe apples, accompanied by
the sweetness of mandarin and the creaminess of
coconut. The initial mouthful is characterized by the
joyous acidity of apple, leaving your tongue tingling
with delight. The flavour is informed by notes of
peach, sweet citrus and other tropical fruits. The
bouquet is enhanced by a touch of forest cedar and
a velvety hint of peppermint. A juicy and easy do
drink cider with the character of beer!

Best enjoyed at a temperature of 5–8 °C and always in hot weather!


Weight 0,59 kg

Non-alcohlic cider


0,33 l

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