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Naukšēni Anniversary Marzen beer | 0,5 l

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Poured into a glass, this amber-hued lager gives rise to a light beige head. It is the result of the inspiration that Valmiermuiža’s brewmaster derived from the legendary Marzen beer, which used to be brewed at Naukšēni back in the day. Its aroma is defined by a base of lightly roasted, sweet bread and caramel, offset by notes of freshly plucked herbs and juicy tropical fruit. Meanwhile, its scrumptious flavour is a symphony of biscuit and sweet caramel, enhanced by the delicate tones of meadow flowers, grapefruit and rosemary, as well as the mild but pure bitterness of hops.

Weight 0,83 kg
Alcohol By Volume

5,8 %


Lager, Marzen


0,5 l

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