Alcohol consumption has negative effects. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited from selling, purchasing and transferring to minors!

According to the new regulatory requirements, from 28.12.2020, when purchasing alcoholic beverages, it is necessary to confirm your identity and age with secure electronic identification, such as Smart-ID. You will need the full version of Smart-ID to confirm your age!

In the Smart-ID application, the personal code must be entered with a dash between the two parts of the personal code. It will not be possible to confirm your age with the basic version of Smart-ID. If it will not be possible to verify the age, you will have to remove the alcoholic beverages from the shopping cart before payment. Age verification must also be performed if you top up a pre-arranged purchase with alcoholic beverages.

If you do not have a Smart-ID:

If that doesn't work, contact your bank, they may be able to help.

Remember that at the time of delivery, in order to make sure that the recipient is at least 18 years old, we will ask you to present an identity document.

We deliver across the whole territory of Latvia. Orders received will be delivered in two working days. We will specify the order and delivery time by contacting you.

Total number of glass bottles in the basket, when purchasing beer in the volume of 0.5l, should be divided by 10 or 20, but in the volume of 0.33l - by 12.

We do not deliver shipments to persons, who have not attained at least 18 years of age and cannot present a document confirming the age. At the time of delivery, in order to make sure that the receiver is at least 18 years old, we will request them to present a personal identity document.

Vai esat pilngadīgs? Jums ir jābūt vismaz 18 gadus vecam, lai apmeklētu šo mājaslapu.